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Facts, fictions and the meaning of responsibility

The collapse of the A10 bridge in Genoa is a national tragedy. Emotions are running high, and rightly so, and foremost in our thoughts must be the 43 people who lost their lives, and their loved ones.



Peak liveability: Europe’s cities have a unique...

As Italo Calvino wrote half a century ago, cities are like dreams; while they may have absurd rules and hide as much as they reveal, they are made of desires and fears. And each one offers a chance for...


APRIL 2018

The road to Xanadu was paved by Genghis Khan

Recently I mused on “The Silk Road as seen by a Venetian’’, pondering how an individual trader, Marco Polo, was able to discover vast swathes of human geography and culture on the far...



The Silk Road as seen by a Venetian

The Silk Road - evoking a link between Chinese mulberry trees to European castle decor - is back on the radar. It refers to fascinating places and times – and also, inevitably, to Italy.



A new sense of place at Fiumicino

Once upon a time, Toblerone, the Swiss chocolate bar patented even before it hit the market, won fame as an exotic classic. You couldn’t find itat your local store, but you could always find it at...



Something is moving in Italy’s...

Despite widespread insatisfaction about Italy’s economic trends, one sector is burning as bright as a campfire on the beach.
Tourism appears to be outpacing the national gross domestic


APRIL 2016

A comparative look shows Italy hasn’t lost its...

The words Italy and infrastructure have been on a collision course in public perception for more than a decade, with the common view being that Europe’s third-largest country is no longer fit to...

MARCH 2016

All roads lead to Rome

All roads lead to Rome, it is commonly said. But what about flights? As it happens, two great historical empires, the Roman and Chinese, never managed much direct contact as diplomatic forays in both...

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