APRIL 2018

Great maneuvers in the world of infrastructure concessions

The Abertis takeover bid is at the centre of the April 2018 issue of Infrastructure Channel which revolves around the great maneuvers taking place in the infrastructure sector and the strategies adopted by the largest players to meet the challenges of the near future.

In the first article, Atlantia’s Chief Executive Officer, Giovanni Castellucci, describes the financial and strategic rationale of the operation, illustrates the Group’s new international growth perspectives while at the same time reaffirming the importance of the existing investment plans in Italy.

In the second piece, former Rome Correspondent for the Wall Street Journal, Chris Emsden, interviews industry experts to analyse the current state of the infrastructure world and project an outlook on the sector.

In the third and last contribution Patrizia Marin focuses on the visionary strategy of Atlantia that allow the group to become the number one player in the sector, like the experience of Marco Polo speaking about Genghis Khan in his past.



APRIL 2018

Atlantia seals agreements with ACS and HOCHTIEF...

Infrastructure Channel interview with Giovanni Castellucci, CEO of Atlantia

The agreement reached by Atlantia, ACS and Hochtief, on 14 March 2018, for a joint investment in Abertis will

APRIL 2018

Breaking the bottlenecks. Infrastructure in...

Major infrastructure investments appear to be the order of the day around the world.

The new Economic Report of the President of the United States presented by the White House in February...

APRIL 2018

The road to Xanadu was paved by Genghis Khan

Recently I mused on “The Silk Road as seen by a Venetian’’, pondering how an individual trader, Marco Polo, was able to discover vast swathes of human geography and culture on the far...