About us

The implementation of major infrastructure projects to support growth is a recurrent topic, both in terms of its "counter-cyclical" role and as a means of strengthening economic growth potential over the medium to long term.

These aims are in conflict with the state of the public finances; at the same time, however, there are often obstacles to private investment (contract compliance, the identification of priorities, excessive project costs, etc.).

At Atlantia, one of the world's biggest private developer of infrastructure projects, we have realised that there is a need to create an open space, where experts from the different fields linked to the infrastructure sector can contribute and make suggestions. We have decided to create that space.

We hope that the Infrastructure Channel will bring together different visions and establish a place for innovative ideas to flourish, giving rise to more fully developed and complex shared solutions, based on a deeper and more considered understanding, in order to go beyond the limits of "conventional wisdom".