I’m so excited and overwhelmed for everything is happening around me nowadays.

I feel like Marco Polo that restart his long journey around the Silk Road after a long stopover in the middle of nowhere.

COVID changes everything for everybody, our lives, our jobs, our movements, our plans and dreams too.

My personal middle of nowhere was Middle East, where the pandemic stopped my hectic no stop traveling I was used too.

Everything chance immediately and to move, to travel look like impossible for long time and when finally was possible to slowly restart the world was completely different.

All we knew became out of date.

A new way to live obliged us to rethink our everyday life.

New technologies were created, new solutions found, new synergies developed, new vibe on the air.

I was lucky enough to be stocked in Dubai, a place where impossible doesn’t exist. As Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the United Arab Emirates and ruler of the Emirate of Dubai said “The future brings challenges that require constant government restructuring. The word impossible does not exist in our dictionary. It is not part of our vision and will never be part of our future.” And Dubai has a huge commitment to organize EXPO2020 in the middle of the world pandemic and with the challenge and the responsibility to guests here 25 millions visitors from all over the world.

Dubai made it happen and in few weeks already 3 millions people visited this unbelievable event, the first event in the world after this crazy 2020 that stopped the world, the old world in same ways forever.

We explore in this months the trends and huge plans that came out in the region in this new season: dubai sets data-based mobility programs in motion; all the views and news from gitex global; watch a future powered by artificial intelligence envisioned at Expo2020 dubai mobility pavilion; global movement data service for advanced mobility analytics.

This new coming future inspire an update to Infrastructure-Channel, that was an amazing adventures, was a logbook of the last years, was our way to share our point of view in the logistic world, with international case histories, and much more. But it was..

Now is the time to welcome this coming new Era, it’s time to embrace the future, it’s time to welcome INFRA, the new webzine is here!





Dubai sets data-based mobility programme in motion

Live: All the views and news from GITEX Global in Dubai

Watch: A future powered by artificial intelligence envisioned at Expo 2020 Dubai’s Mobility Pavilion

HERE introduces global movement data service for advanced mobility analytics


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