What will the future of our cities look like after the pandemic? This is the question at the heart of this month’s issue of the magazine. Pandemics have always shaped cities and while this time around much has been written about doomsday scenarios for our metropolis, in reality this might be “the moment to discuss the kind of cities we want and then demand the changes we need to have them”, as Dr. Glyn Robbins, Visiting Fellow at LSE Department of Sociology wrote last May.

We start with a piece by Mayuri Ghosh and Clarisse Awamengwi, both from the World Economic Forum, on how to plan urban communities whose residents can have equal access to healthcare.

In the second article, the C40 Cities Climate Leadership Group outlines how urban centres can adapt strategies to reduce risk during the pandemic and enhance public health, climate and economic resilience for the long term through COVID-19 recovery packages.

Patrizia Marin, international strategist, marketing and public affairs expert, explains why cooperation at local level might be key to a sustainable, urban future, with cities providing laboratories for bottom-up and innovative recovery strategies.

In the last piece Manuela Mirkos, London based journalist specialised in current affairs, looks at how the pandemic has launched once more the charm of rural living, from London, to Milan, Paris and New York.