Carlo Andrea Bollino

Dr. Carlo Andrea Bollino is a Professor of Economics at University of Perugia and Professor of Energy Economics at the University LUISS, Rome.

Visiting Researcher, KAPSARC, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, since 2015, focusing on econometric analysis, electricity market reform and climate change policy analysis.

Visiting Professor, Technischer Universitaet, Berlin, Germany, 2017-2018.

He is President (honorary) of AIEE, Italy (Italian Association for Energy Economics) since 2014 and has been President of IAEE in 2008.

He has been President of GRTN (Italian Electric Transmission network) 2003-2009; Energy Advisor to the Minister of Industry of Italy, 2001-2003; Senior Expert, Minister of Treasury of Italy, 1993-1998; Chief Economist, ENI, 1989-1993; Economist, Bank of Italy; 1980-1989; Research Associate, Project Link for the United Nations, 1980-1982.

Graduate in Economics, University Bocconi, Italy and Ph.D. in Economics, University of Pennsylvania, 1983, with Nobel Winner Prof. Lawrence Klein.

His research fields are Econometric modeling, Consumer behavior, Energy markets, Sustainable and Renewable Energy, Liberalization and Regulation Policy.

Author of over 230 scientific articles.

He has testified to the Italian Senate and Parliament briefings, and has provided various Governments with technical and policy reports on electricity market liberalization and renewable energy developments.

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