Human progress and prosperity have always advanced by the existence of high-quality infrastructure that allows people to move, exchange goods, and trade ideas. In today’s globalised world, the expectations and demands on this infrastructure have never been higher.


Borders are becoming less relevant as infrastructure enables developed and emerging nations to collaborate and compete on the global stage. Infrastructure also enables people to move freely to access opportunities that would previously have been out of reach.


However, delivering infrastructure for a rapidly advancing world is not easy. There is now a requirement to provide world-class infrastructure at an unprecedented pace; however, this is becoming more complex as the effects of uncertain economic growth and constrained public funds are compounded with insufficient or ailing infrastructure and a rising global population.


At Atlantia, we understand and embrace the gravity of this challenge, and the responsibility on infrastructure investors and operators like ourselves to deliver for the world.


The tragedy of the Genoa bridge collapse in August 2018 brought into sharp focus the critical importance of infrastructure development and modernization, and what happens when it goes wrong.


On that terrible day, many lives were lost, and many changed. We acted immediately to support the local community and still do. We continue to cooperate with all government investigators determining the cause of the collapse.


Before 14 August 2018, multiple external experts had regularly monitored the bridge’s condition and at no points were serious concerns raised about its stability. Preliminary findings indicate that many faults were undetected, dating back to the construction of the bridge, a process managed by the Italian government before the asset was transferred to Autostrade in 1967.


So, while the causes of this incident remain unclear, this tragedy has reinforced our resolute commitment to keep developing and operating pioneering land and aviation infrastructure that can help create a better world for all.


Last year we delivered on this commitment as we grew to become the world’s largest infrastructure operator. Having completed the Abertis Group acquisition, we are now in 22 countries, managing more than 14,000kms of motorways and serving more than 60 million air travellers. And overall, we do it very well; we are pioneers of new technologies to help infrastructure work more efficiently; we are strengthening links with our government and community partners as we expand, and in doing this, we are setting important new records for customer satisfaction.


Our acquisition of Abertis demonstrates how business models perfected in Italy and Spain are changing how the world thinks about transportation, and it shows how innovation and daily commitment can bring real improvement and efficiencies to the transportation experience.

With Abertis ACS and Hochtief as partners, we now also have a significant construction and operations capability in Austria, Canada, Germany and the United States.


We are continuing our global and sector diversification strategy, both beyond our home countries and beyond roadways.


Our Telepass technology and data platforms have made us a leader in digital payments for people on the move, and our commitment to quality at the airports we manage has produced record-breaking results, with Rome Fiumicino voted the best airport in Europe for quality of services and Ciampino growing by 4.2% last year to serve nearly 50 million passengers.


Looking to the future, we see our role as a trusted partner to governments in emerging and developing markets to accelerate critical national infrastructure development to advance nations and support national agendas.


We want to create value in mature markets by deploying experienced leadership and technologies to address congestion, improve environmental standards, and deliver financial efficiencies.


For 2019 and beyond, Atlantia is strongly positioned as a global leader in next-generation infrastructure development, and we will do this by continuing to act ethically and responsibly as a company, sensitive and responsive to our customers, partners, workforce, and investors.




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