The October issue of The Infrastructure Channel is a special edition dedicated to all those affected by the tragedy in Genoa.

The collapse of the Morandi Bridge is above all a human tragedy. We mourn the deaths of 43 people and we lament the anguish experienced by a community that extends well beyond the city. I take this opportunity to restate the complete commitment of the company to take all appropriate measures to provide what relief we can.

We have put in place an initial package of support to help victims and to assist the region, including helping relocate people who live near the bridge and upgrading local roads.  We have ceased road tolls in the area and are working on a plan to replace this vital infrastructure as soon as possible.
We know we can give and we can do much more for Genoa. Autostrade’s dedicated employees have been working around the clock since the incident to help facilitate rescue activities, manage the road network in the area and support the local community at this challenging time.

The causes of this incident are currently unknown and official investigations are underway to determine the reasons behind it. We will fully assist with all investigations but it would be inappropriate at this stage to speculate as to possible causes.

However, there’s a great need for clarity, across the board. Lamentably, numerous misunderstandings are being perpetuated and incorrect information about Autostrade per l'Italia's activities and operations has appeared in the media and in the public discourse. Many of these claims are self-evidently untrue but some of them threaten material damage to Atlantia and Autostrade per l’Italia’s reputation. In response Autostrade per l'Italia has published on its website a number of facts regarding the Morandi Bridge ( and Autostrade per l'Italia's Concession Agreement in general. This is to offer the maximum transparency about our main business.

The investigation and legal processes will clearly take more time to deliberate and conclude. In the immediate term, our focus is on supporting those affected and rebuilding the bridge in Genoa.

My thoughts are constantly with those who lost loved ones in this tragedy and we express our sincere condolences and profound sorrow to the families of the victims and for all those whose lives have been affected.




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