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Mobility in a sustainable world

The transport system has always played a pivotal role in the history of human development and has been constantly evolving.


In the last 50 years, rapid urbanization has put urban transportation systems under extreme pressure, while contributing to over 30% of global GHG emissions.


This month’s issue of Infrastructure Channel will look at how the mobility revolution will make these systems more sustainable and change the way we travel and move in the cities of the future.


In the first article, Patrizia Marin, international strategist, marketing and public affairs expert, will look at why this revolution is based on a “three zeros vision” and what impact AI will have in shaping urban transports in the years to come.


Fabio Pressi, CEO of Infoblu, Atlantia’s company operating in the Smart Mobility sector, will focus on how web and global digital platforms consistently change urban transport systems and affect sustainable mobility.


Finally, Research and Analysis Specialist for Aerospace, Aviation, Travel and Tourism, Maksim Soshki, in an article published for the World Economic Forum, takes us beyond urban landscapes to the travel and tourism sector. He argues that developing infrastructure will be crucial to keep up with the growth of the tourism market and the additional 400 million arrivals forecasted by 2030.


Smart mobility for smart cities


Smart mobility for smart cities

Bruce Chatwin famously wrote that "the real home of man is not his house, but the road". Even if you do not agree with him that life is a journey better done by foot, there is no doubt mobility...

New challenges for sustainable mobility: “mobility roaming”


New challenges for sustainable mobility:...

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If you build it, they will come: Why infrastructure is crucial to tourism growth and competitiveness


If you build it, they will come: Why...

(Extract from an article by Maksim Soshkin, Research and Analysis Specialist for Aerospace, Aviation, Travel and Tourism, World Economic Forumoriginally published...