APRIL 2019

The link: leadership and development

In the new global economy we live in today, connectivity is more important to growth than ever before.


Building a network of interconnected communities, economies and countries through transport, trade, energy and communication requires world-class infrastructure.


Leadership is an essential quality to bring together all the actors to the fore – businesses, governments and institutions - to catalyze this development and realize the dream of a more inter-connected global community.


In this month’s issue of Infrastructure Channel, we start with an article by Giovanni Castellucci, CEO of Atlantia, on the meaning of the recently concluded Abertis deal and how the business model perfected in Italy and Spain is changing the way the world thinks about transportation.


In the second article, international affairs analyst and best selling author Parag Khanna looks back at the role of connectivity in the history of humankind and how mega-infrastructure projects will re-shape geographical borders.


Finally, in an interview with Infrastructure Channel, Zaki Nusseibeh, Minister of State of the UAE, analyses the leadership DNA of the late Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan, the founding father of a country that since its inception made infrastructure development a key element of its future. artners, workforce, and investors.



APRIL 2019


Human progress and prosperity have always advanced by the existence of high-quality infrastructure that allows people to move, exchange goods, and trade ideas. In today’s globalised world, the...

Connectivity is the foundation of the new global system

APRIL 2019

Connectivity is the foundation of the new...

(extract from the book Connectography: Mapping the Future of Global Civilization, by Parag Khanna)   Connectivity is the new meta-pattern of our age. Like liberty or capitalism, it is a...

Lessons on leadership from the Renaissance man of Arabia

APRIL 2019

Lessons on leadership from the Renaissance man...

Interview with Zaki Nusseibeh by Manuela Mirkos   A recent study by Orient Planet Research confirmed that investment in infrastructures continues to be top priority for governments across the...